How It Works

Be prepared for power outages.

Buy a PowerPax EPS (emergency power supply) that lasts hours.

The PowerPax charges itself with grid-AC power. It keeps your power on – at all times.


Get the PowerPax. The only all-in-one Hybrid Emergency Power solution.

Protect your home and business from unpredictable outages and national electricity providers.

Locally produced and manufactured, PowerPax is a single box solution with both an inverter, charger, UPS and batteries. It is easy to use and transport and setup

It switches itself on when the power goes off. It recharges itself when the power returns.

Additionally, solar panels can be connect for an “off-grid” setup.powepaxcomWhy a PowerPax?

pax11. Battery life.

Unlike ‘deep cycle’ lead acid batteries, PowerPax solar batteries allow for 90% depth of discharge with well over 1000 cycles.

This means that a single 45AH PowerPax battery is equivalent to one 95AH battery, at half the weight.

2. Not just an inverter

Your PowerPax is a UPS as well as an inverter, keeping the power on, even when you aren’t arround.

3. High power

Your PowerPax is able to deliver extreme amounts of power to keep any appliance going

4. Easy to install

An electrician is not required to install your unit. Can be setup in under five minutes by just about anyone.


6. LCD Screen

– gives you all the core data such as battery life, charge and usage.

7. Clean Sine

– Meaning you can use the unit to run complicated devices which require “pure sine wave” – such as electrical motors and sound systemspax2pax3



Why Are PowerPax Batteries Best?

– Calcium -silver sealed

– Locally manufactured

– Light weight and compact

– Built-in charge indicator

– Designed specifically for solar and UPS functions

– 1000 charges (+/- 10 years) life span



12 month standard warranty. In addition, we are always available in the highly unlikely event that your unit should get damaged.

How long does it last?

Figures are approximate guidelines only. Check the wattage of the appliances you wish to run and note that times may vary based on conditions

The following are for the PowerPax 1500. For the PowerPax 750, half the estimated time:

50w up to 12 hours
EG: Laptop and cellphone charing

100w up to 6 hours.
EG: TV with DSTV

200W up to 3 hours.
EG: Fish Tank Pump

400W up to 1.5 hours.

600W up to 1 hour.

800W up to 45 minutes
EG: Washing Machine, Electric Lawn Mower

1000W up to 40 minutes
EG: Small Iron, Hair Dryer

1400W up to 30 minutes
EG: Kettle, Microwave

Why Silver Calcium Batteries?

In contrast to lead-acid batteries, silver calcium batteries stand out for thier resistance to corrosion and the destructive effects of high temperatures. The results of this improvement are manifested in increased battery life, maintaining a constant power over time and 90% discharge capabilities.
In addition to this, there is minimal self-discharge of under 0.2% per month!


How does Delivery Work?

Delivery takes between 10 and 15 days, depending on volumes. Free delivery to Gauteng only.

Delivery is strictly to your hands. We do not post our units.

How to Order?

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